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Young people lead the trends of the times and pursue a brighter future, which is in line with the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative, a former senior official said in a congratulatory message on Sunday.

The fundamental mission of the Belt and Road Initiative is to develop ways for the countries involved to deal with the significant changes facing the world, achieve common development and create a better future for coming generations, said Zhao Qizheng, former minister of the State Council Information Office, in the message sent to an international gala event of youth exchanges.

The First Silk Road & Young Dreams event in Beijing gathered together about 100 young participants from 26 countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative for contests including public speaking, photography and music.

Lyu Fengding, former deputy head of the general office of the then-Central Leading Group on Foreign Affairs, said at the event"s opening ceremony that the attention and participation of young people is indispensable for discussion and construction of the Belt and Road.

Friendship and communication among young people connects with the fundamental mutual trust and long-term cooperation of the countries involved in the initiative, he said.

Wu Weishan, curator of the National Art Museum of China, said that by participating in the contests, not only can young people increase their knowledge of the cultures of different countries, but also help promote mutual understanding between China and the world.

Shani Karunaratne, deputy chief of mission of the Sri Lankan embassy in China, said that young people must widen their horizons and increase communication by learning languages and other skills.

She said that opportunities for young people to engage in people-to-people contact is greater today than it was for previous generations.

Ensi Tszie, a Kyrgyzstani participant in the public-speaking contest, said in her speech that the Belt and Road has opened many opportunities for the young people of her country.

Cultural exchange should be a priority in building the Belt and Road, she said, adding that young people play an important role in making the initiative better integrated with the local culture.

Saman Pouyanmehr, an Iranian contestant, proposed in his speech authorizing young professionals to run different parts of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Young people today are smarter and well-prepared to take greater action, and society should not underestimate the younger generation, he said.

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